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What is FOG?

FOG refers specifically to fats, oils and grease that enter the sewer system from homes, apartments, restaurants, industry and public facilities. As a byproduct of kitchen activities including cooking and cleaning, FOG is usually found in: dairy products, baking goods. butter, lard, shortening, and cooking oil.

Greasy Mess

Pipe filled with FOG

When not disposed of properly, FOG builds up in the public sewer system constricting flow, which can cause sewer back-ups into homes and businesses and overflow discharges onto streets. It can also interfere with sewage treatment processes at the public Wastewater Treatment Plants.

To remedate this problem, cities have developed an outreach program aimed at eliminating FOG from the sewer system. FOG buildup in sewer lines has many harmful and costly effects. Sewer backups into homes and businesses create a health hazard as well as an unpleasant mess that can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to clean up. In certain cities, FOG can enter storm drains and flow directly into water bodies and onto beaches creating serious environmental and health conditions.

In addition to problems caused by cooking oils, petroleum-based oils can also cause sewer-related problems. Examples of this FOG source automotive repair facilities and car washes.

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by Chris Eberly, PE